Inspire, Educate and Empower Rwanda (IEE Rwanda), formerly International Education Exchange is a not-for-profit organization that builds alliances with communities, helping to sustain triumphs of the times while designing and delivering innovative programs to address inevitable challenges in education to ensure quality provision and wellbeing of school children.IEE Rwanda has just received local status registration by the Rwanda Government Board following restructuring of collaboration with IEE Port Chester, NY USA counterparts.



10 thoughts on “Overview

  1. Hello IEE Rwanda, teachers from where you have worked/are working appreciate your hardworking and support that they have benefited a lot from you. Please extend and let the whole country eat from your fruits!
    The good Rwanda of tomorrow is your effort, please keep it up!


  2. Long live IEE for its outstanding delivery of educational services to rwandan children and teachers in terms of capacity builiding and professional development for teachers.teaching and learning are made fun and inclusively conducive for all types of learners and teachers and they have developped the sense of confidence! Great!


  3. Inspiring Educating and Empowering Rwanda!!
    The greatest and Eternal development you have given to our motherland


  4. Quality education is the cornerstone of the development of Rwanda where children are becoming what they are meant to be in order to ensure the brighter future. I take this opportunity to congratulate IEE for being part of the improvement of education in the country of thousand hills.


  5. Hi, Rwandan children are taking a step ahead, Rwandan teachers are improving in their career and the spearhead is IEE. Keep inspiring the country.


  6. Quality of Education is the road to sustainable development that should be highly contributed by any of community including public and private institutions. my hand is seeding little than what if we were more to target future Rwandan literacy and numeracy as basic main elements that can scratch all forward knowledge and skills. stay together for strong goals.


  7. I J oseph very excited to say this : IEE keep the spirit of sustaining Rwanda Education through much emphasis on what learners can do and understand that results into sharing and this Rwanda becomes a forever center of peace as within this last 5 days u helped a lot for TTC student teacher leavers 2018 so as they should apply confidently the CBC. thank u very much.


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